I shot my first wedding while in college in Detroit. 

I was shooting new cars professionally and my art director asked me to shoot her wedding.  She did not want the formal posed stiff photos that were the mainstay of wedding photography at the time.  Two rolls of medium format film, 24 exposures, all stiff and posed, that’s what you got from your photographer.  Linda wanted something more “artistic” and liked my work.  To confess, at the time I really did not want to photograph her (or anyone else’s) wedding.  So, bewildered on how to do this but in my own style I said OK but under two conditions:  I would shoot only black and white and I would not do any posed stiff photos but rather capture the event and people naturally with no coaching on my part.  She loved that idea!  I was stuck - so my wedding photography career began.

She loved her pictures but try as I could, I could not interest any other Midwestern brides in my new radical approach to wedding storytelling.

So, I continued to do commercial advertising work and teach and in 1978 moved to CA.

Fast forward about twenty years and suddenly a new photography style was gaining attention.  My friend Denis Reggie called it “wedding photojournalism” and it was exactly my approach.  So, after a career of advertising product photography I began to market my journalistic storytelling wedding photography.  I was one of if not the first true journalistic wedding photographers in Orange County.  My work got lots of attention, even being featured as “The Art of Wedding Photography” in a mainstream fine art photography magazine.  I was now a full time wedding photographer with a unique storytelling approach.  My career took me to weddings all over the country and I even photographed a wedding in Paris.  My approach combined with a life of fine art personal work garnered attention and I was “an overnight success” which took twenty years.  My storytelling style finally caught on.

Fast forward to today, I no longer cover 30-40 wedding assignments annually.  Today I am involved in my personal work and teaching workshops.  I accept 12-15 weddings annually now.

So, if I am your wedding photographer this is how i will document your wedding:

  1. 1. The only posed groupings will be the ones you request.  No hour of your time posing. 

My formal shots typically take 15-30 minutes max.  You are in control.

  1. 2. Most of the time I will be a silent observer in the background quietly without involvement

capturing the real moments of your day.

  1. 3. If requested I will then design a storybook album in which your images will flow with continuity. 

One of my grooms who is a Hollywood cinematographer summarized my approach as “shooting a movie in still pictures” which I feel summarizes it pretty well.

  1. 4.My fee includes an unlimited number of images.  I need to tell your story.  Typically I shoot

100-200 images per hour.  No image guarantees, I tell your story.

  1. 5. I usually work alone because it is easy for me to blend into the background that way and not be

noticed.  That is an integral part of my style.  If you want a photographer to do a hours long fashion shoot at your wedding I am not your guy.